Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wagon Train

I've fallen off a lot of different wagons in my life. So many in fact, that I'm beginning to think I should just get a horse or start walking. "I'll never drink again." FAIL... "I'll never smoke again." FAIL... "I'll never go to a chinese buffet again." FAIL... "I'll never call him again." EPIC FAIL... In fact, unless your wagon is equipped with seat belts, I'd suggest you never say never! I said I would never start a blog (so, wtf are you reading...? I know). I also said I would never join Facebook. Clearly, I just need to shut the hell up cause I don't know what I'm talking about. I finally joined Facebook so that I could remain a member of the human race. Now I'm starting a blog at the repeated request of numerous friends who apparently enjoy my random Facebook statuses, thoughts, comments, and posts so much, they want them in a more concentrated format... Something like a coke user who wants to step it up to crack or meth I'm guessing (for clarification, that's one wagon I never rode in). In any case, find a good vein and get ready, cause here we go!


Marissa said...

Yea! I love random thoughts from Nathan!

Joanna Cravey Hutt said...

I am delighted Nathan has seen the light. Spockedup promises to be a winner. "Forward, Ho, wagonmaster!

FireLight said...

Oh my gawd! Who thought all the nursing jargon could play so well!! Why do I feel like I am making a fist and you are tapping on my arm? I had no idea, or I would have been here sooner!!