Monday, October 17, 2011

Have a Blessed Day

Have you ever dreamed about eating...?  I do.  And I can't figure out if it's because I'm hungry, but still asleep (which is quite possible seeing as I'm almost always hungry), or whether it's just that I love food that much (which also quite possible).  In any case, I've had recurring dreams of being at an all you can eat buffet and absolutely going crazy... and the weirdest part:  I wake up full.  At first I thought, what if I'm eating in my sleep...?  But that's not it, unless I'm cooking in my sleep and that's not unlikely.  It seems to happen when I oversleep, so I'm going to lean towards the "I'm hungry and haven't gotten up yet" hypothesis.  In any case, for this particular dream, I was in Tuscaloosa for a football game, but I don't know who we were playing.  That's not a far cry from reality:  I'm usually just there for the friends and liquor.  For some reason, I was working at the same time in some parallel universe because I had a 3mL syringe of waste blood in my hand that I couldn't find a redbox for.  By the way, redbox to a nurse means sharps container, not movie rental console.  In any case, I was walking around with some friends... noticing on the tailgaters' big screen televisions that Auburn was losing badly to someone (I just had to mention that unrelated detail).  I suddenly happen upon a shopping center on the outskirts of campus that I know does not exist (somewhere that is likely on Bryce property behind the rec center).  It has a Burger King... a Chic-Fil-A, and a campus computer lab and laundry (not a bad idea, if you think about it...)  Although nowadays, kids would probably just bring their laptop.  Second thought, I heard from someone that the laundry rooms in the dorms send a text message to your phone when the cycle is finished so that you don't have to wait around. In any case, I digress.  I should also mention that this is the second time I have dreamed of this non-existent shopping center.  I have a funny feeling it will exist one day.... that wouldn't be the first time that's happened to me.  Moving on... upon arrival, I ran into a number of people from my Tuscaloosa circle sitting at a sidewalk table.  They had eaten at what is apparently their favorite place, a sidewalk vendor called "The Kickstand" (another non-existent establishment) I texted someone when I woke up to be sure.  I didn't have any cash as usual, so I opted for Chick-fil-A.  And how considerate of them to have a redbox just outside the door so I was finally able to get rid of my syringe of blood.  That is really above and beyond customer service.  Have a blessed day.

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Traci Fowler said...

Love the dream!! Can't tell u how many times I have walked around with waste blood and the actual blood, trying to figure which is which.. Definitely confusion d/t hunger